The integrated Service of Structural similarity search Aided by Ramachandran Sequential Transformation


Here we offer stand-alone version of SARST and CPSARST, which work on any platform with Java 2 runtime environment (Java version: 1.4 or latter). The stand-alone SARST program provided here is a database search tool, so please also download the PDB and SCOP target databases. The CPSARST program in this page is a pair-wise structural alignment tool. To run it correctly, you will also need its screening and refinement engine.

1. SARST.tar.gz,
2. Ramachandran Sequence Database for PDB 2006 (SARSTdb_PDB2006.tar.gz,
3. Ramachandran Sequence Databases for ASTRAL SCOP 1.69 (SARSTdb_SCOP169s.tar.gz,

1. CPSARST.tar.gz,
2. Screening engine, bl2seq:
3. Refinement engine, fast: