The integrated Service of Structural similarity search Aided by Ramachandran Sequential Transformation

Basic Setting



* Format: PDB ID + chain ID.
If there is no chain ID, simply use the 4-letter PDB ID or use '_' to represent the chain. Multiple entries are acceptable (batch mode), please use the comma to separate them.
Example: 1atpE, 1cewI, 1JUL, 1HEL_, d1swya_, d1oxda_

File:   &   Chain ID:

* If there is no chain ID, please leave it blank or use '_' to represent it.
You can also use '*' as the chain ID and then every chain will be used to search the database.

Compressed file:

* To perform SARST in this batch mode, please specify a compressed file collecting PDB structures.
Acceptable file types: zip, rar, 7z, gz, bz2, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 (Maximum size = 16M).

Target database

Subject type

Refinement engine

Advance Setting


Hit list size:     E-value cutoff:     Gap-opening (G) and Gap-extension (E) Penalties: Defaults
Structure-based sequence alignment